What We Know About the Future of Pirate101

The last storyline update to Pirate101 happened in May 23rd, 2013; in other words, it's been exactly 981 days since the release of Marleybone and Aquila. So what do we actually know about the future of the game, at this point?

Book 15: Chapter 38
In early 2014, Blind Mew hinted that we would return to Valencia in Book 15, as suggested by one of the last quest dialogues in Aquila (pictured below). And that is pretty much the only thing we know for sure about the highly anticipated Book 15!

Producer's Letters
FrogFather's last letter to the Pirate101 fans was posted on April 24th, 2015. In July 2015, Dalia Falmea replaced FrogFather and confirmed that he is no longer working exclusively on Pirate101.

According to Dalia Falmea's first Producer's Letter:
"We know many of you have been waiting a long time to hear about when we might continue the storyline. Unfortunately, I can only tell you that we are still exploring the possibilities. The Pirate story is a big one, and telling that story is a task we don’t take lightly. We are working hard to determine the best way to advance the story, increase the level cap, and allow you to forge ahead with your epic voyage, but I just cannot make any definite promises about how or when."

With a mobile game already in the market (Rise & Destroy) and a second one in the works (Alphacat), the team working on Pirate101 has merged with the one working on Wizard101, making the MMO Live Team. Of course, with fewer employees working on the game, updates to Pirate101 aren't as frequent as they used to be in 2013 and 2014. However, that doesn't mean the game is dead; it just needs that little boost to thrive again!

Falmea's second Producer's Letter was more vague, but still optimistic:
 "As for what comes next, we're charting the course for the new year, and we have some exciting stuff in store. I look forward to sharing that soon… perhaps in an upcoming Falmea Friday, hmmm?"

Companion Promotions
It was revealed in December 2014 that Old Scratch has a new promotion! That being the case, it is highly possible that many other companions are also ready to be promoted. If those promotions were ready in late 2014, why aren't they Live yet?

All main companions (those hired through storyline content) require actual quests to be promoted, and that usually happens when a new world is released. Another explanation is the fact that our companions have reached the current level cap, making it pointless to promote them without KingsIsle raising the level cap to 75 or beyond.

Long story short, we know that companion promotions have been ready for a while, but they require storyline development and the MMO Live Team is figuring out the best way to do it. I wouldn't expect a storyline update this year, but I certainly wouldn't rule it out either.

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