Frostcaller's Polar Bear Party

February 27th marks the annual International Polar Bear Day, which is a way to raise awareness to the importance of preserving and protecting polar bears, and the habitat they thrives in!

It's become a tradition for the blog: I've started celebrating this day with the Wizard101 Community back in 2013, with my very first Year of the Polar Bear Party! Last year, I've hosted my second in-game event for the International Polar Bear Day and Community Managers joined us for a fun dancing party in The Commons. The event was even featured in the March 2015 Monthly Newsletter!

Another year has passed and I couldn't let this day slide by without celebrating with all of you! This time around, I want it to be different and even more fun for everyone. This year, I am teaming up with Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem and decided not to have any contests, because I want to bring the fun back for the sake of having a good time! That being said, you are all invited to attend Frostcaller's Polar Bear Party at my Polarian Shipwreck!

Saturday, February 27th, at 4:00PM CST

Right by Kelvin (Ice tree) in Kelvin realm

David Silverhunter & Edward Wintergem

To get to my Polarian Shipwreck, you can either add David Silverhunter or Edward Wintergem. There will be housing games, ice skating sessions, PvP matches and for those of you who like to compose music, there will be many instruments at your disposal! Don't forget your coats and gloves!

Looking forward to see you all there!

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