Polar Bear Party Recap

Yesterday was International Polar Bear Day and I joined forces with Edward Lifegem from Around the Spiral, Autumn Dreamwalker from Secrets of the Spiral and Jason Summerwielder to bring you a fun Polar Bear Party!

The event took place at my Polarian Shipwreck and we had over 60 attendees! Although the party started at 4:00PM CST, we had an early crowd gather in Ravenwood several hours before the event began. Of course, when a lot of people gather in a single area, troublemakers are bound to show up. Luckily for us, one or more Hall Monitors were attending the event and helped make this a safe environment for everyone!

The Polar Bear Party started with a few housing games, including Food Fight, Scavenger Hunt and Tag Game, and avid duelists engaged in fierce PvP duel! We then gathered for a group picture and Wizards were socializing and having fun all over the place! It was really nice to see so many of you make new friends and meet Wizards you were looking up to. All in all, I'd say this event exceeded my expectations by far!

The team behind the event (Autumn Dreamwalker, Edward Lifegem,
David Silverhunter & Jason Summerwielder)

Other blogs shared their personal opinions on the event, including Around the Spiral with Edward LifegemNordic Champion, Secrets of the Spiral and The Burning Spiral, as well as countless positive reactions on Twitter. If you missed the event, Jason Summerwielder streamed the entire party in this video and A Wizard from Oz also covered the event in the video below!

Thank you all for coming, for your incredible support and feedback! I'm looking forward to see you all again soon, for more great community events like this one!

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