KingsIsle Teases Pirate101's New Update

After hinting at a potential Spring Update in Falmea Friday last month with a new concept art, a KingsIsle Artist/Animator took to Twitter to tease players of upcoming content in Pirate101 (tweet below).
Seeing as how some fans were skeptical about this, Rob Lovelett added "I really don't want to let players down." and "Well.. hopefully I won't eat my words. But if I do, be sure to let me know." He also thanked Pirate101 fans for still being around.

So, what do you think this update will bring? Honestly, I can't see a new Book being launched just yet, but I am hopeful that it will introduce some new powers, quests where we can earn Practice Points, and perhaps fix problems of competitiveness in Ranked PvP, especially for the Witchdoctor Class who is lagging behind.

What would you like to see introduced in the game at this point, apart from Book 15? Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know!

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