Wizard101 Spring 2016 Test Realm

The Wizard101 Test Realm is online once again! This update includes Daily Assignments, New Skeleton Key Bosses, Zafaria Fishing, the Gear Vault and more!

Daily Assignments
Wizards Level 12 and above should visit Aegon Statz, in Ravenwood, to take on the quest "The Gravulum Order" for an introduction to Daily Assignments. Each day that you complete the Daily Assignment, will be granted a progressively better reward, with the 15th day providing the best reward possible. Daily Assignments reward Gold, Arena Tickets, Crowns and more! If you are unable to complete a Daily Assignment, don't worry. You'll be able to pick back up where you left off at any time.

Stars of the Spiral takes a look at the Daily Assignments and some of the badges you can earn from this new feature!

New Skeleton Key Bosses
Three new Skeleton Key Bosses have been added for those in search of a new challenge. Bring a Wooden Skeleton Key and visit the Krokotopia Library to face off against the Rank 4 boss, Ra. A Stone Skeleton Key can be used to unlock a battle against the Rank 13 boss, Ixcax Cursedwing within Azteca's Black Sun Pyramid. Those in search of the highest level of challenge should bring a Gold Skeleton Key to River of Frozen Tears in Polaris to take on the rank 17 boss, Omen Stribog.

As usual, Mercenaries for Hire have come up with a Bad Omen guide to help you get through Omen Stribog safely.

The Scholars of the Arcanum now have additional off-school spells to teach Wizards of at least Level 100:
  • Baba Yaga can teach Orthrus;
  • Ignus Ferric can teach Fire Dragon;
  • Ione Virga can teach Triton and Storm Lord;
  • Jaki Whisperwind can teach Power Nova;
  • Qismah Shasa can teach Death Trap and Skeletal Dragon;
  • Tarrak Hadfield can teach Ice Trap and Frost Giant;
  • Zander can teach Nature's Wrath and Forest Lord.

A new Star spell has been added to the Star School Trainer in Azteca. Devotion increases Life Damage by 25%, increases Power Pip chance by 5% and increases incoming Death damage by 10% for 4 rounds. To access this spell, Wizards must be at least level 84 and have completed the quest "Third Star on the Left" in Azteca.

New Fishing Location
Fish, including some new species, can now be found swimming in the waters of Zafaria! Players will receive the badge Prodigious Angler for reaching Fishing level 20.

Some of the Fishing rewards in Zafaria include promotional wands and staffs, like the Amarathine Staff and Umbra Blade, and even brand new staffs!

Gear Vault
Wizards can now store additional items in their home with the new Gear Vault housing item! It can hold up to 100 items including Hats, Robes, Boots, Wands, Athames, Amulets and Rings. Place the Gear Vault in your house and click the "Open Gear Vault" icon while in the "Place Object" screen. This works similar to music players, aquariums and the Seed Vault, and is customizable. From there you can move items between the vault and your Backpack. You may only place two Gear Vaults in each of your houses, one inside and one outside. Gear Vaults can be purchased from the Crown Shop or crafted using a recipe available from Toshio in Mooshu.

New Jewel Vendor
A new Jewel Vendor has arrived in Unicorn Way. Jordo Mistborn sells Jewels for high level Wizards. 

And there's a lot more content to be tested! For a complete list of all the changes that needs testing, click here.

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