Wizard101 Spring Update Rundown

The Wizard101 Test Realm is just around the corner, but with so many teasers here and there, what can we actually expect from the Spring Update?

New Bosses
Three new bosses have been revealed a few weeks ago: one in Polaris, another in Krokotopia and the last one in Azteca. These new foes are most likely Skeleton Key bosses, considering they are in known locations. Another theory that supports this is the Skeleton Key Giveaway on MMORPG.com, back in November.

New Quests
What is a Celestian engineer doing in Ravenwood? As seen from the video below, this will be a new assignment for our Wizards; but what kind of assignment, exactly? Well, obviously I cannot answer that question for sure, but I can theorize on why we might go back to the undersea world.

Considering there is no Skeleton Key boss in Celestia, we can rule out that option. So what exactly would this engineer need from us? We all know that Celestia is the world of the Spiral where Astral Magic originated from, so could we go back to delve into new Astral spells? That is certainly a plausible explanation for now.

Zafaria Fishing
Magical Fishing is finally coming to Zafaria this Spring! According to the video below, Fishing will continue to be a challenging experience, seeing as the Baobab Crossroads waters are inhabited by Sentinel Fish.

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