Customizing Gear Vaults in Wizard101

The Gear Vault is a new housing item that was introduced in the Spring 2016 Update, that can hold up to 100 including Hats, Robes, Boots, Wands, Athames, Amulets and Rings. What's truly amazing about it is that you can customize your very own Gear Vault and give it a unique look!

Although you can place items on the Gear Vault normally, customizing it in this way is somewhat limited. However, glitching can easily overcome these limitations! If you aren't familiar with glitching techniques in Wizard101, you can read my Guide to Merging Housing Items and Advanced Ghostly Rug Glitch to delve right into it.

Unique Gear Vault Looks
I have created a few Gear Vaults, based off of places and worlds of the Spiral. Check them out in the picture below and feel free to post your own creations in the comments section!

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