New Hybrids Discovered in Wizard101

Last year, Professor Greyrose and Dworgyn confirmed that there were still 100 undiscovered hybrids in Wizard101. It is very likely that this number may have decreased due to the discovery of many new pets, but the addition of countless new pet drops in the Spring Update may have opened the door for new hybrids.

New Hybrids
The Flamenco and Grimhorn pets, sold by Sir Nigel Higgenbottom in the Pet Pavilion, produce many new hybrids, when mixed with the Firestorm Quetzal, dropped by Moh'Lharz in Lower Zigazag. Please, keep in mind that hybrids are rare, so don't worry if you don't get one on your first try. You'll find a list of all the recently discovered hybrids below, and the pets needed to produce it.

Parents Hybrid
Firestorm Quetzal + Charred Grimhorn Inferno Quetzal
Firestorm Quetzal + Frostbound Grimhorn Icestorm Quetzal
Firestorm Quetzal + Flamenco Cantador Fabled Quetzal
Firestorm Quetzal + Flamenco del Muerto Grave Quetzal
Firestorm Quetzal + Flamenco Bailador Vital Quetzal
Firestorm Quetzal + Flamenco Tocador Harmonic Quetzal
Babydactyl + Leaf Foot Lifedactyl
Babydactyl + Pesky Beetle Deathdactyl
Babydactyl + Skink Mythdactyl
Babydactyl + Sailback Skink Icedactyl
Stray Piggle + Charred Grimhorn FOG Unicorn
Crabling + Jellyfish Dignified, Hearty & Grave Crabling
Pixie Queen + Stormbat ????
Pixie Queen + Scarab ????
Scorpion + Cunning Seal Pup Superstitious Scorpion
Scorpion + Intrepid Seal Pup Burnt Scorpion
Scorpion + Playful Seal Pup Chilled Scorpion
Pegasus Pony + Tempest Cloudburst Sprite
Enchanted Armament + Ninja Pig Samoorai

Judging by the number of new Quetzals, I'd say there might be more hybrids with the Babydactyl pet as well. Please, let me know if you find any!

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