7 Reasons to Play Pirate101

You've played Wizard101 for a while, but never actually gave Pirate101 a try? With an upcoming expansion on the horizon, here are seven reasons why you should start playing Pirate101 in the near future!

1. Free-to-Play MMO
The first and maybe most appealing aspect about Pirate101 is that it offers free to play areas. Of course, if you want to explore the rest of the Spiral, you will need a membership or unlock paying areas forever, with Crowns. As a Free-to-Play MMO, players get to play Mini Games, sail a ship through the Skyways and engage in ship combat, train and morph pets, and even decorate the Pirate's bunkhouse. If you want to go beyond that, check out the chapter pricing.

2. Amazing Storyline
After creating your character, you'll embark in an exciting adventure. You start as a hostage, but soon find yourself freed by two faithful allies, as you escape your first encounter with the mighty Armada. This epic voyage will take you to many worlds of the Spiral, with your Pirate chasing after the pieces of the map to El Dorado, the fabled city of gold. You can read more about the background story of the game here.

3. Advanced Pet System
Pirate101's pet system results from the feedback from its older sister, Wizard101. As such, Pirates benefit from an advanced and improved system, giving pets much more relevance in helping players. While training a pet in Pirate101 is time-consuming, the wait is worth it! Your Pirate will gain more power from pets and once they appear in combat, they will actually fight alongside your Captain.

Another cool thing about pets is Pet Sparring in Bestia! This innovative and non-violent pet combat system allows you to join practice or play PvP matches with your friends, in which 1 to 4 pets will compete against the other player's team, similarly to Pokémon. The pet system in Pirate101 is much more versatile, which is definitely a strong point!

4. Strategic Combat
Pirate101 has a combat system that is entirely based on strategy and skill. Granted, chance is always a factor to consider, but strategy is ultimately what will lead your Pirate to victory!

In Wizard101, most players will agree that the one who goes first in Ranked PvP will most likely win the match, and that's usually the case. However, in Pirate101, especially in Ranked PvP, the win is decided by which player has the best strategy. This is a great reason for competitive players to try it out!

5. Nautical Combat
The ship combat system is another thing that makes Pirate101 one of a kind! While ship PvP does not exist at this time, you will engage in nautical combat many times as you level up. Some fights will be tough, but they are very unique and so much fun! What's even more amazing are the occasional Nautical XP events, where players gather in a fixed area to destroy ships and gain nautical XP fast.

6. Great Management
The community management for both Pirate101 and Wizard101 is excellent, and the interaction between players and Community Managers is exceptionally good! We have monthly livestreaming events, called KingsIsle Live, with Community Managers showcasing gameplay and giving away awesome prizes! 

7. Fantastic Community
The Pirate101 Community is very kind and welcoming! Even in Ranked PvP, the great majority of players are very humble and always ready to give you advice and direction to improve your skills. When you visit the Morphing Tent in Bestia, a lot of Pirates with awesome pets will kindly morph with you, so that you can get a better one. Fansites regularly host in-game events for the community to get together and have fun. You'll even make great friends along the way!

These are just a few reasons for you to hop on your ship and set sail on the fantastic adventure that is Pirate101!

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