First Pirate101 Arc Coming to a Close

The quest to El Dorado may be halted sooner than expected, Pirates! It may come as a shock to some of you, but KingsIsle revealed yesterday that the first story arc of Pirate101 will come to an end this Summer, following the addition of Book 15, which will be divided in two chapters.

What we know about Book 15
These informations were revealed by Professor Falmea, in the May 2016 Producer's Letter:

"We're able to offer a little more of the Pirate story with Book 15. Yes, we will be continuing the main storyline this summer. It's two chapters, but they're packed with revelations, resolutions, and rapscallions. We're actually pretty far along with it, and we expect it to hit the Test Realm before too long."

She added:

"We'll have more details as things progress, but have ever you wondered who built the Armada? Or the REAL scope of Kane's plans? There will be answers, lots of answers, and of course, more questions too in the thrilling conclusion to the first story arc. Interested in new power and wealth to chase after? We've got it. Want to put five more levels of new and improved battle prowess to the test with the most difficult challenge yet? I hope so, because that's what you're in for with Valencia, Part 2."

Book 15 will raise the level cap to 70 and with the climax coming this soon, I am guessing we will have to defeat Kane and his last remaining Captains, Queen and Phule, in "the most difficult challenge yet." Of course, considering the amount of things that remain to be done and the five new levels, reaching El Dorado now would be rushing it. In my opinion, our final showdown with Kane will be a turning point in the storyline, where the last piece of the map gets stolen or is lost somehow, preventing us from continuing our expedition to the lost city of gold. The curtain would still close after The Armada's downfall, which would conclude the first arc in an epic way.

Here are two new teaser of the highly anticipated Book, including the concept art of Florenza:

Captain Hande and the secret hideout
In February, a concept art of an unknown character was unveiled. It is now confirmed to be Captain Hande, one of the most infamous pirate captains in Skull Island. According to Professor Falmea:

"Barnabus Hande is renowned for his ferocity and cunning. A bully to his crews and a nightmare to his enemies, Hande's temper and stubbornness are the stuff of legend. After making a name for himself in the Napoleguinic Wars by double-crossing all four fleets and stealing a horde of gold, Captain Hande hit a period of bad luck. Mutinies and a few particularly nasty sea beast battles cost him a leg, then a hand, and then his other leg – leaving him with just one hand and a name that became something of a joke in Skull Island. Despite his stubbornness, Captain Hande found piracy too difficult after he lost his second leg, so he went into retirement. However, rumors around Flotsam say that the surly old pirate is coming out of retirement for a new scheme, and pirates all over the Spiral are shaking at the prospect."

The secret location that was teased in March is in fact "the long-hidden hideout of a famous pirate, where secrets of the Pirate’s past are waiting to be found... or lost."

What are your expectations for Book 15? Do you think we will reach El Dorado this Summer? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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