Pirate101's Armada Elite Revealed

The Armada Leader, Kane, and his elite henchwoman, known as The Queen, were previously only seen in concept art and in the Puppet Shows. Today, Vanessa Mythdust revealed a brand new teaser on MMORPG.com, featuring the two elite bosses. The sneak peek also depicts Bishop on the left side.

As mentioned by Captain Avery in "The Armada" Puppet Show, "Kane is smarter, stronger, and faster than any living being." The Queen, however, is veiled in secrecy. Nothing is known about her abilities or power, but if we consider the rules of chess, she must be very powerful and the pinnacle of versatility.

As for what's to come, the idea of taking on Phule, Bishop, Kane and The Queen is beyond frightening! This further strengthens the challenging final battle, foreshadowed in the May 2016 Producer's Letter.

For KingsIsle to release this teaser now, it can only mean that Test Realm is imminent. We are dangerously close to setting sail to Valencia Part 2, Pirates!

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