Test Realm Brings Book XV to Pirate101

The long anticipated Book XV is ready to be tested in the Pirate101 Test Realm! This game update introduces Valencia Part 2, new companion promotions, new powers and much more.

Return to Valencia
Yarr! Adventures await ye in the highly anticipated release of Valencia Part 2, in Pirate101! The story of the battle against the Armada continues within the grand city of Florenza, in the Calabria Skyway. Face off against the Armada's evil leader, Kane, and put an end to his tyranny. Pirates who have completed the quest "A Call for Help" in Aquila should visit Captain Avery to take on the quest "Return to Valencia." You'll know you have completed the required quest if you have the badge Aquila Legend.

With this storyline extension, players will be able to level their characters from 65 to 70 (both Character and Nautical Level), in 2 new Chapters priced at 2,499 Crowns each. In addition, the available gold cap has been increased to 250,000 gold. Several new badges have also been added to commemorate your completion of quests and exploration in Valencia.

Note: the final battle of Valencia Part 2 will not be available to play on Test Realm. KingsIsle is still adding the finishing touches on this epic fight!

New Companion Promotions
Pirates who complete the quest "Subterranean Subterfuge" will recruit the Valencia resistance fighter, Contessa Argento, to their crew. Contessa's Swashbuckler skills will be an asset to every Pirate in the fight against the Armada!

An exciting mission will lead you on the trails of the notorious Captain Hande and teach you more about a very important (and famous) pirate! The following companions have received a new promotion at Level 70:
  • Birgus Latro
  • Dead Mike
  • Gaspard De Vole
  • Lucky Jack Russell
  • Milo Graytail
  • Malik
  • Sergeant Shepherd
  • S.M. Arson
  • Giordano Bravo
  • Caracticus
Talents and Powers
New Talents and Powers are available to train! Visit your class trainers in Skull Island at Level 65 and Level 70 to improve your skills. The Clandestine Trainers also have new ranks of talents to teach you for training points. Some new powers are also available on equipment for those lucky enough to find these exciting rewards!

  • Privateers will learn Repel Boarders 2 and Blast of Discord, a new power that has the chance to make the enemy team randomly attack their allies;
  • Buccaneers will learn Turn the Tide 3 and The Reaper, a new power that will attack all adjacent enemies and then knock them back by 1 square;
  • Musketeers will learn Quick Draw 3 and Double Tap 3;
  • Swashbucklers will learn Riposte 3 and Trap Sense 2;
  • Witchdoctors will learn Mojo Echo 2 and Mojo Burn, a new power that will deal damage and add a damage-over-time effect to the target.
Puppet Shows
Learn more about the story of the Spiral in three new Puppet Shows! Hear the tale of the Resistance movement against the Armada, learn more about the creator of Kane and get another glimpse of El Dorado. Note: these will not be able to be viewed on Test Realm but will be available to see when the update goes to the live game.

Pets, Mounts and More
New pets and mounts will be added to the Scrip vendor, Honest Thomas Purdue, in the Brawlin’ Hall for the upcoming PVP Seasons. Level 70 Champion weapon rewards have also been added.

Pets can now reach Level 70 and receive a new talent for all of their hard work!

Giorgio Lamborghini at the Florenza Docks has many upgraded ships for Pirates of Nautical Level 65 or higher to purchase. These ships come in various origins and styles including: Bison, Royal Navy, Samoorai, Pirate and Eagle. His friend Letizia Motoguzzi has lots of new ship equipment to go with your new ship of choice!

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