Valencia Part 2 Fansite Teasers

All the Pirate101 Fansites were given exclusive teasers for Valencia Part 2 and having been promoted to official fansite of the game today, I've got one, too! As you can tell from the picture above, the room those characters are in strangely resembles the dorms in Wysteria's Pigswick Academy. Interesting, right?

You'll find links to all the other exclusive teasers below (the list will be updated).

Last week, we got a teaser of the Calabria Skyway in Valencia! Players were even graced with an email from KingsIsle announcing Valencia Part 2.

The Test Realm must be really close, considering the amount of teasers and hype about Book 15! My guess is that we'll have this new content to test sometime in the next two weeks, so that Valencia Part 2 would go live in June.

What do you think of these new sneak peeks? Are you excited for Test Realm and Valencia Part 2?

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