Fourth Blogoversary Contest Winners

This Fourth Blogoversary has been an incredible one, especially for the treats you've submitted in the Drawing Contest. I was mesmerized by your creativity and talent, and although I wish I could reward everyone for their time and effort, I decided to pick 5 additional drawings, apart from the grand prize winners.

Coming to a Top 4 was hard, considering the quality of most entries, but I made my decision. The bundle winners will take home a Witch Hunter's Bundle, while Honorable Mentions will receive a random code for Crowns or a Mount. So without further ado, here are the Drawing Contest winners:

Bundle Winners

Ignacio Jellico, Fallon Fairytail, Abigail Skywalker & Diana Silverflame

Honorable Mentions

Nora Talefinder, Victoria Deathgiver, Cheyenne Griffintail, Angel Dragoncaller & Joseph

Congratulations to the winners and thank you so much to everyone for celebrating yet another great year with me! 

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