Pirate101 Needs Your Help

After fending off The Armada's oppression and putting an end to Kane's tyranny in Valencia Part 2, where is Pirate101 headed? What are the plans for a potential future update?

You've probably noticed that Book XV was a significantly shorter update than previous installments, and there is a reason for that: financial distress. In a recent post, Blind Mew confirmed that first arc's finale was rushed, from a narrative standpoint. Of course, this is due to lack of resources to expand the storyline for 5 additional chapters, as initially intended by developers. Even though the update was extremely short, one cannot deny that Book XV is a masterpiece in itself, especially the cliffhanger, which gives the game a completely new direction.

As we see the sun set on the Calabria Skyway horizon, what is there to look forward to? Well, for one this game update opened up new possibilities, like visiting Polaris next. And according to Blind Mew, "Kane's fate is a mystery to be solved in Arc 2." If you've witnessed the ending of Book XV and the splendid final cinematic, you know that someone will make a comeback in Arc 2, for our greatest (dis)pleasure.

How you can help
Ultimately, Pirate101 needs your help to start fresh and move forward! For starters, buying a membership is the best option. Alternatively, you can buy Crowns or purchase Prepaid Game Cards. If you've never had a chance to try it out, check out my post on 7 Reasons to Play Pirate101. According to Blind Mew, the future of the game is in our hands:

"Go out and recruit new players. We'll keep reaching out as well, but we need your help. Tell your friends how much you like this game. Grassroots evangelizing was a big part of Wizard's success, and it can work for Pirate too. If even half the people reading these words bring in just one player and help them get through the first chapters, so much becomes possible. You want more content, and we want to produce it. The best way to get that content made, and made quickly, is to fill the skies with new ships."

I'm counting on you, my dear and faithful Pirate friends, to spread the word about this amazing game! Have an awesome weekend and play safe in the Spiral!

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