New Pirate101 Hybrid Hint

In the last episode of KingsIsle Live, we've had a short visit from Decius Duelmaster, who was asked "What is your favorite new hybrid pet in the last update?", revealing that his favorite hybrid is still undiscovered, so he left a little riddle for players:

"One is old, one is new. One is orange and one is blue."

So one of the parents is orange and an old pet, while the other was released more recently and is blue. As far as I can tell, three blue pets were launched in the Pirate101 Summer Update: Royal Ibis, Blue Lion Fish and Valencian Delicacy.

As of July 30th, three new hybrids were found by mixing Blue Lion Fish x Lion Fish:

There may be more hybrids out there! Let me know how your morphing experiments go and good luck in the Morphing Tent!

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