Soloing Kane in Pirate101

This guide will not contemplate the first two fights in The Machine Core instance, as they are two fairly easy challenges. Instead, I will give you advice on how to overcome your brief encounter with The Armada's leader and how to come out victorious!

Know your opponents
He can hit hard and will unleash his Deadly Frenzy every turn, as long as there are enemies in adjacent squares, and will defeat anything around him until he misses. His greatest weakness is his limited movement; he can only move one square at a time. Keep in mind that when you hit Rooke, Kane will teleport to an adjacent square.

With her ability to target anyone on the board, she is by far the biggest threat. The Queen will charge on her first turn and is granted a critical that will reduce your health by half, in most cases. She has First Strike 3, so she will attack first even if you are hidden. Queen will occasionally cast Reinforce, to heal her entire team.

Armada Marines
These Armada soldiers are fairly easy to defeat, although they tend to dodge a lot. What makes them dangerous is their Courtly Promotion, transforming them into an additional Queen when they reach your side of the board.
His Rookochet will reflect any shot with a gun to a companion or ally anywhere on the board. Rooke will also provide extra armor to adjacent squares, with his Castle ability. Lastly, Swift Retribution grants him the first hit everytime magic is used on him.

He will spawn an Armada Device trap at the start of the Armada's turn. Bishop's long range and Area of Effect spells are annoying, but he's especially dangerous if you have a Witchdoctor attacking him, due to Witch Hunter 3. Other than that, he should be treated as a regular opponent.

He's the underdog of the Armada, so he should be treated as a regular opponent.
A few tips
1. Who to target first
From experience, I can assure you that Queen is the most dangerous pawn on the board. Why? She has this nasty advantage of moving freely and being able to target anything on the entire board, so it goes without saying that she's the one you need to take out first. The Armada Marines are the ones who should be defeated next, as they are granted a Courtly Promotion when they reach your side of the board.

2. Keeping Kane at bay
Knowing that Kane will teleport to Rooke when you hit the latter, it isn't very wise to attack Rooke with a melee unit; that will give Kane the opportunity to move within range at the start of his turn and take out a member of your crew, with Deadly Frenzy. If you have a ranged Companion on your team (except Musketeers), use them to attack Rooke; that will trigger Kane's Castle ability right off the bat.

3. Spam summons!
Summons are perfect to stall and draw out epics, that would otherwise be used on your Captain and your crew. If your Captain doesn't have any summon, have at least one companion who does. Doubloons are helpful here, so don't be afraid to use them!

4. Ranged companions
Have at least one ranged companion on your team. I've heard countless Pirates say how they were struggling to defeat Kane, because they were using melee units and no ranged companions. Kane is slow, so use that to your advantage. Only use physical attacks on him if there are no other options!

5. Gear set-up
This strategy revolves around spam summon, so the Nefarious Staff is a key item to have. If you're not using the staff, don't worry; Scorpions don't always show up on your first turn anyway. Captain Blood's Jacket is a must-have in this fight!

6. Ideal team
I've been through this dungeon more than 50 times solo and I've always used the same team: Old Scratch, Baar and Gracie Conrad, in this order. Here's why:

  • Old Scratch - his Mojo buffs will boost the level of Gracie's Construct Golem and the damage dealt by her Proximity Mine;
  • Baar - his two summons are perfect to keep your opponents busy and his Weasel War Dance is great to prevent Kane's Deadly Frienzy;
  • Gracie Conrad - her Golem can halt Queen's initial rush and prevent her deadly strike for a round.

Walkthrough video

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