Wizard101 Jewel Pack Sale

From now through July 31st, 2016, save 50% off School Jewel Packs and Rockhammer's Jewel Pack for your Wizard! Load up on Jewels, to boost your Wizard during this special sale. Items in the Jewel packs are appropriate for your character's level.

What items do I have a chance to get in the School Jewel Packs?
  • Brume Mounts
  • Dual Blade Jewels
  • Powerful spell Jewels with cool auras
  • Epic Jewels with a Morganthe spell

What items are in the Rockhammer's Jewel Pack?
  • One Jewel per Pack
  • Items for use in crafting jewels

See what amazing Jewels and cool items you can get for your Wizard, during this bedazzling sale!

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