Arrrgust Week 4 Contest Winners

Arrrgust is finally coming to an end, and I'm wrapping it up in the best way: by sharing the entries and rewarding the winners of the "Arrrgust Week 4 Contest"!

There were so many great entries, some of which stood out more than the rest, for being really funny and original. So, without further ado, here are the winners:

Grand Prize Winners

"Dilemma: What should I do first? Do the dirty dishes or defeat Ninja Pigs?"
Captain Lenora Vaughn

"Brighten up the Tower of Moo Manchu!"
Stormy Blaze Silver

"Using Hoodoo for backwards waterfall racing with crabs, which are faster than you think."
Merciful Christina

Honorable Mentions

"May I have this dance?"
Reckless Wolf Bellamy

"As I have no friends on Pirate101, I like making sure I have no enemies either by defeating them. Arghh..."
Petar Buglov

Danish Casper Jenkins

10 Random Draws
  • Strong Jacqueline Dodger
  • Red Lenora Noble
  • Red Boris
  • Crazy Alia
  • Perilous Pilar Underwood
  • Unfair Alexander Mumford
  • Ruthless Cody
  • Quiet Keena Davis
  • Little Alexis Silver
  • Erica

Thank you all for entering and have fun in the Spiral!

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