Bundle-a-Palooza in Wizard101 & Pirate101

Missing one of those amazing bundles, either in Wizard101 or Pirate101? Do not worry: Bundle-a-Palooza is back and it's the perfect time to get those elusive, retired bundles, that have returned for this special promotion!

Now through September 7th, 2016, at 11:59PM US Central Time, you can save 25% or 50% OFF each online bundle (Discounts are not applicable for gift certificates), in both Wizard101 and Pirate101!

But with so many bundles to choose from, how to know which one is best for you? I decided to lend you a hand and list my top bundles on sale in both games, so that you can choose wisely.

Top 4 Wizard101 Bundles

The Botanical Gardens' distinctive beauty and spacious plant nurseries make it the best-looking bundle house in Wizard101! If you have a green thumb, you'll definitely want to grow your plants in this house, as it adds an extra "like" to all your plants, not to mention the Spirit of the Forest pet, who occasionally helps you with gardening. The Celestial Wolf mount is simply mesmerizing and the gear looks awesome, and gives your Wizard great stats! My favorite overall bundle by far.
This bundle takes you on an expedition to the far North, on the Battle Narwhal mount, which gives a 2% damage boost to your Wizard! The Proper Penguin pet is adorable and dyeable. The overall stats of the Polarian Explorer's gear are very good, and the Polarian Shipwreck is perfect for Wizards who like the cold.
With the Aztecan Builder's Bundle, you can create your very own castle, or use the one that is provided in the Serpentine Escape! The Wild Wing outfit is great, if you combine it with other pieces of gear. If you like dinosaurs, the Feathered Raptor mount is what you're looking for and the Toucan't pet is good for Pyromancers.
Last but not least, the Hive Bundle, which gives you an amazing and spacious house: the Amber Estate. It is easily one of the most fancy homes in the game. The Bumble Bee pet is cute and the Bee Wings are nice, but the other mounts look better, in my opinion. The Stinger armor is good for stitching.

Top 4 Pirate101 Bundles

Nausica is easily the best bundle companion in Pirate101! She's a formidable ally to have around, both in PvP and PvE. The gear looks cool and it's great for the Swashbuckler and Musketeer classes. The Emperor's Villa is a huge house and also one of the best looking, in my opinion. Definitely the best overall bundle in Pirate101!
Hoodoo Cornelius is a melee Witchdoctor companion and his Go Bananas! ability is the equivalent of Reckless Frienzy, so he will attack until he misses, which makes him a great ally. The Witchdoctor's Lab housing add-on is an underground room, where you can hang out and party with friends, especially during Halloween! This Bundle is definitely the best for the Witchdoctor class.
Handsome Dan is a healing companion, but he earns the 3rd spot for being replaceable, simply because Bonnie Anne can do it better. The gear is extremely versatile and this bundle is perfect for Privateers!
The Cutthroat Pirate companion is okay; nothing particularly good about him, because there are better Buccaneer allies to have on your team. The gear is decent and the Castaway's Cove house is nice, too! If you're a Buccaneer, this might be the bundle for you!

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