Falmea May Have Hinted at Polaris in Pirate101

Last month, Professor Falmea may have hinted at a new, icy world in Pirate101, in her weekly Falmea Friday. Here is the transcribed paragraph in question:

"Amidst the warm reception for Valencia 2 has been the talk of what's next? In fact, I just stepped out of a meeting this afternoon (of which there have been many before), setting our course, charting our map, and picking the direction(s) in which to sail. We've got some REALLY COOL ideas floating around, and while I'd like to share them with you, it's just too soon. Dreams become goals, goals become plans, and plans start to become action. We're somewhere in stage two right now, but three should start very soon."

But what makes me think this is a new world, you may ask? Well, playing with words has been a common trend in such posts as of late, and what stands out after reading the above paragraph is "really cool". The emphasis most likely is on "cool", which is why I think we may be looking at the early stages of creation of Polaris.

Why Polaris?
Polaris already exists in Wizard101, so reusing existing models and textures would be wiser and faster than mobilizing resources to create a whole world from scratch. Furthermore, there is a Stormgate to Polaris in the Calabrian Skyway, introduced with Valencia Part 2 back in June.

I'm thinking Polaris is where Phule ran off to, after clearing us a path on the Machine Docks, and considering Queen survived the last stand in The Machine Core, she is most likely going to hunt him down, because he betrayed Kane and The Armada.

All things considered, it only makes sense for Polaris to be the next Pirate101 expansion.

Polaris, as seen in Pirate101's Puppet Shows

Are you excited for Polaris in Pirate101? What do you think Falmea meant by "really cool"? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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