New Armada Turret Boss Coming to Pirate101

The Test Realm is live once again and available for download. Please, join KingsIsle in testing the new Rogue Armada Dreadnaught encounter, epic ranks, and bug fixes! See the Update Notes page for more information about these new features and fixes in Pirate101's Test Realm.

The Armada's Dreadnaught
Kane's defeat has thrown the Armada into chaos! Generals and commanders vie for power; many clockworks, deprived of proper command, have gone "haywire" and set out on forays of destruction across the Spiral. A dangerous rogue Dreadnaught has set its sights on the Spiral, and its hold is now filled to the brim with plunder from many worlds. More troubling yet, Armada scouts have been sighted lurking around Skull Island. Is the rogue Dreadnaught soon bound for Avery's Court in Skull Island?

The Dreadnaught is a fearsome foe, and reports say that it never travels without an escort of dangerous Armada ships. You'll definitely need to bring plenty of friends if you intend to tackle this foe! 

Once the Dreadnaught has taken enough punishment it will blow open – and pirates level 50 and higher can storm it for all that ill-gotten loot! But be quick about it – the sigils on the newly-defeated Turret Boss will only be available for a short time after the boss is defeated.

That's right – all their plunder can be yours if you win the day, and you may even be able to pick up a few "haywire" Armada weapons yourself…

Beware! Lower level ships may want to steer clear of this fight – while the Armada scouts appear to take it easier on low level ships, their guns will still sink a newcomer who isn't careful.

New Epic Ranks
Your epic talents can now reach Rank 4 and 5 via talent-boosting pets, items, and powers. See the list of those epics and effects here.

Additional Bug Fixes
Here are some of the bugs that are fixed in this update:
  • It's a battle that's been hard to fight, and we're pretty sure we're getting close to beating this bug. Please help us test out the Hydra Encounter to see if the Ebon head still sometimes becomes invulnerable when it reappears;
  • Firstmate's Boon will no longer stack with itself;
  • Blast of Discord now has a decreased chance of working if the target's health is full (unless it's a summoned unit);
  • Multiplayer chests have been added to the battles in Valencia Part 2;
  • Henchmen summoned during the Razing Kane Final Encounter will be invulnerable to attacks until they have had the opportunity to be used during a planning phase of combat;
  • Kane's Castle power will no longer allow players to target themselves.
For a complete list of updates, please read the Update Notes.

Credits: Thank you to Tara Dawnbreaker for the weapon pictures

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