Introducing Wizard101's Shinobi Bundle

A brand new Wizard101 bundle is available in stores: the Shinobi Bundle! You'll find this new game card at GameStop stores across the United States, for $29.

Bundle Overview
  • Shinobi Dojo
  • Shinobi Dragon Mount
  • Shinobi Turtle Pet
  • Shinobi Gear
  • Shinobi Throwing Star
  • 1 Month or 5,000 Crowns

Bundle Details
The Shinobi Dojo is an interactable PvP ring, that you can place anywhere in your house. Once it is placed down, you need to enter the Dojo to PvP with your friends. The Moodha inside will also give you an item daily.

The Shinobi Dragon Mount is a beautiful 2-person mount, with the regular 40% speed boost.

The Shellnobi Warrior Pet is dyeable and a loyal companion, which comes with a Death Ninja Pig card at Baby, and a starting pedigree of 55.

The Shinobi Gear is dyeable and reflects the refined clothing of Mooshu's ninjas. The stats aren't great, but the particularity is that this bundle's gear tiers go up to 120, implying that Mirage might be coming out really soon. You can see the gear stats here. The Shinobi Throwing Star grants 6% pierce, 59 critical rating, +10% universal damage at Level 110+ and Maycast Shift Ninja Pig.

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