Mirage Coming to Wizard101 This Fall

It's official! In October's KingsIsle Live episode, Dworgyn and Professor Falmea revealed a teaser video (pictured below) about the upcoming world in Wizard101: Mirage! It'll probably come on Test Realm this Fall.

Mirage is an Arabian and sandy world, and the home of Pigswick Academy student Nalia Dunestrider and Arcanum scholar Qismah Shasa.

After defeating the Rat in Polaris, we learned more about Old Cob's remaining Children: the Bat and the Scorpion. According to Airdale Guthrie, the Scorpion is "a master Alchemist and ruthless Warlord, prophesied to rise from the desert sands and steal the sun." In other words, the Scorpion should be the final boss in Mirage. The Bat is "a brilliant shapeshifting Vampire, a master of illusion and subterfuge, and with a heart as black as night."

If we consider Old Cob's new prophecy, we should visit Empyrea, the Hidden Lands and the Broken Shores after Mirage.

According to the etymology of the word, "empyrea" comes from Medieval Latin empyreus and from Greek empyros "fiery," whose etymological sense is "formed of pure fire or light." In ancient Greek cosmology, it's the highest heaven, the sphere of pure fire.

Taking this definition into account, it's safe to assume that Empyrea is a sky world. This assumption is supported by what we already know about the world itself, from quests Shopping List and Basilisk Instinct: "sky-squid" and "The skies of Emprya? Hmm...you haven't been there, yet." With that in mind, I believe Empyrea is where Old Cob's last Warlord, the Bat, is hiding.

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