Ratbeard hints at Darkmoor in Pirate101

The latest game update brings about many changes to Pirate101, and particularly to the mechanics of a specific epic talent: Witch Hunter. Its previous function reduced magic attacker's damage stat by 50%; its new function is to reduce incoming damage to the talent-holder by 50%.

With such a notable change to the way Witchdoctors will be using this talent from here on out, some players have asked for a revision of its new effect. Of course, these updates affect more than just PvP, which is what Ratbeard clarified on the Pirate101 Boards.

What's more interesting is that he mentioned he'd nerf Witch Hunter right before we get into Darkmoor, a world known to be the home of many Witchdoctors, like Madame Vadima.

In August, I theorized that Professor Falmea had suggested that Polaris would be the next major world update, due to the pre-existing models in Wizard101 and a lower budget involved. The truth is that Darkmoor also exists in Wizard101, so mobilizing resources to create a piratey version of it is also possible at this point. Moreover, the Darkmoor fleet is already present in the Cool Ranch skyways, and there is a Stormgate to Darkmoor in Marleybone. Also, the newest hoard pack in the game, Ashes of the Armada, introduces some weapons from Darkmoor.

Whatever the case, I'd rather visit Darkmoor first. It's always been an appealing world to me, that I'd really love to explore further.

What are your thoughts on this? If you could choose, which world would you want to sail off to first: Darkmoor or Polaris? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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