Wizard101 & Pirate101 October Contests Winners

Most of my contests have finally come to an end and the amount and quality of the submissions was so great, that I decided to add an additional prize tier for my Wizard101 contest.

So without futher ado, here are the winners in each contest category!

Spooky Dorm Decorating Contest

Grand Prize Winner
Alex Fireblade

Second Place
Amber Roseflower

Third Place
Connor Greenleaf

Marissa Dragontail

Connor Legendthorn


Celebrating Halloween Screenshot Contest

Grand Prize Winner
Silent Evelyn Quinn
Evelyn celebrates by "Visiting the neighborhood ghosts and watching them blush silver as I compliment their impeccable fashion sense: «Howdy partner! Might I ask where you got your kickers? Mighty fine boo-ts they are indeed.»"

Second Place
Brave Hunter Young
Hunter celebrates by "Hanging out will my ol' buddy Kane and planning some mischievous Halloween pranks (or are they pranks?)."

Mary Roberts
Mary says "Let's dance! Let's party! Let's open some presents in Skull Island!"

Smart Logan West
Logan likes to celebrate by "summoning Nefarious Corrupted Hoodoo Spirits inside my Haunted Grotto."

Kadijah Jordan
Jordan is "starting the Halloween season off right leveling up my new Witchdoctor!"

Emily is celebrating by "dressing up as an undead mariachi player and opening presents and trick-or-treating on Skull Island."

Little Alexis Silver
Alexis celebrates by "riding my scary mounts and opening gift boxes outside; they are fun and interesting."

Fourth Birthoween Contest

First Place
Charming Arthur
"Asking a random person what they do with their dad, they might say play catch or watch sports; ask me and I say play Pirate101. Pirate101 has been a great family bonding activity for me and my family for the last three years, and  I can't thank KingsIsle and their great community enough for what they've done for me and my family. 
My favorite memory was when I first started the game during the character creation and first starting moments as a role player I was hooked and intrigued reading every choice i made during the class selection test continuing past what was given and telling my own story before I even began! It's a feeling i still remember three years later and will never forget!"

Second Place
Red Lenora Noble
"I met one of my best friends ever in the game almost four years ago, which is funny, considering this is Pirate101's fourth birthday. We would quest together, talk for hours, and laugh together all the time. We were friends for years. The people we met together were awesome; it was like having a giant party all the time. This person truly made a huge impact on my life, always being there for me and waiting for me patiently. I'll always thank P101 for being the game that allowed me to meet my best friend."

Fair Christina Nightingale
"My favorite memory is when I found out a friend had passed away. I had been chatting with a friend who was in another part of the game when I heard. I mentioned I had received some news and needed to log out. He knew something was wrong and gently asked what was wrong. I told him and he fled from a boss fight & teleported to me. He just said "Hugs" & "I am here for you" I was beyond touched that my pain was more important to him than any drop. He then sent out a message to other dear friends and I was soon surrounded by loving players that cared more about getting me through my grief than playing. I learned that night that this game is not just a game. These players are the family of my heart & I love them all."

Dreaming Brody Easton
"My best memory of Pirate101 was when it went live first. I was a regular Wizard101 player at that time and came to Pirate101 just because I was curious. I was totally amazed at this wonderful world. The storyline was amazing. The gameplay was different yet similar to Wizard101 gameplay. I fell in love with Pirate101 the moment I got my first Pirate in the Spiral. The small hiccups in between did make me little sad but with KI’s recent focus on MMOs, it looks like our favorite Pirate game will be getting the same love that it got the first time it went live. Go Pirate101. You rock!!!"

Loyal Tyrone
"The first time I download pirate101 in 2013, I was suggested the game from a friend on wizard101. My first character name was loyal Tyrone the witchdoctor. From the beginning I felt that love that I felt for wizard101 when I first downloaded it. The journey was interesting and suspenseful, and the worlds were beautiful. The experience was amazing and unforgettable. 
      My favorite memories from playing pirate101 was fighting the buffaloons with my friend for the first time, and how difficult it was to do the collect quest. And the struggle ship battles we had with our skiffs and companions dying was annoying but fun. My friend and I bonded like never before,  struggling together to complete those quest. The quest gave me motivation in real life to never stop striving. It taught me that nothing comes easy in life and that sweat comes before sleep."

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