Wizard101's Mirage Sneak Peeks

With Wizard101's Test Realm just around the corner, possibly in mid-November, KingsIsle has revealed the third sneak peek for the highly anticipated world of Mirage!

If you've missed the previous teasers, I'm attaching them below. 

"What do you think we'll find when delving into the Ruins of Catstantinople?"

"Let's imagine what it's like to slither through the streets here."

"Though beautiful... beware the gangs of Aggrobah..."

"Hmm, what's that shadow in the distance? Don't worry, it'll all be revealed... soon."

"You may find a few cool qhats in here."

"There's no time for a sandwitch, the Rubal Wastes await!"

I will keep updating this post as more teasers are unveiled, so stay tuned for more!

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