Wizard101 Chronicles: Rise of the Titans (Part 2)

This post contains spoilers! If you haven't completed Mirage's storyline, please read at your own discretion.

Continuing my "Wizard101 Chronicles: Light and Shadow (Part 1)" post from yesterday, here is the second and last part.

After consulting the Chronocle in the Timeless Tower, we finally discover how the First World fell into chaos. According to the Chronocle, "it was the Titans' tantrums that interrupted the FirstWorld's dance, but for Raven, it also meant the end of all Romance." This strongly suggests that Lady Nightstar, otherwise known as Grandmother Raven, once had a romantic relationship with Grandfather Spider, who likely caused the war between the Titans.

Dawn of a New Era
Shortly after the end of the war, Raven locked Spider up. When peace was finally restored, Grandfather Tree sang the Spiral into existence and his sister, Grandmother Raven, brought about Light and Order. However, this new era was flawed without Spider's presence, so Lady Nightstar removed the Chaos Heart from Old Cob and used it to fuel the Spiral's Essence.

The Chronocle disappears after revealing the shocking truth and Grandmother Raven's spirit appears before us, warning us that we have now been exposed to knowledge unfit for any mortal.

Shadow's Awakening
Fearing that we would fail in destroying Grandfather Spider in the Chronoverge, Raven sent one of her own children to ensure her plan was carried out. Mellori happens to be one of them and tried to take him out, but alas Old Cob saw through Raven's ruse, incapacitating Mellori with a spell and taking her away, after our very last showdown in Mirage.

During our fight with the Primal Force, we also learn that Spider isn't as powerful as he once was and that he now has the key to reclaiming his Heart, noting that he will unleash unlimited chaos when the time comes.

Rise of the Titans
In order to restore the First World, Spider would logically have to unleash chaos on the Spiral again, and that could be accomplished by awakening the Titans from their slumber. We now have strong evidence that suggests that Grandfather Spider triggered the fierce battle that broke out between the Fire and Ice Titans, so his intentions as clearer than ever before.

The Coven was the group responsible for trapping Grandmother Raven in Wintertusk and attempting to awaken the Ice Titan from his sleep. Their goal isn't too different from that of the Cabal or Old Cob's, but what if all three groups were to join forces?

As I recently theorized in this post, Empyrea's etymological sense is "formed of pure fire or light." Can you think of a fire purer than the Fire Titan himself?

I strongly believe that Empyrea is where the Fire Titan is sleeping, and the Broken Shores sound like the perfect place for the Storm Titan to be as well. Either way, in all likelihood we will have to stop the resurrection of the Titans before the Spiral falls to its doom.

What do you think of these chronicles? Did you like my theory? Have one of your own that you'd like to share? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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