Wizard101 & Pirate101: Best of 2016

2016 has certainly been an exciting and wonderful year for both Wizard101 and Pirate101! From traveling the dangerous sands of Mirage, to being able to recruit Armada troops to your crew, many great things happened in the Spiral in the last twelve months, so I decided to sum up my favorites!

Valencia Part 2
The launch of Book XV in Pirate101 is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of 2016! After two long years, Pirates finally got to defeat the Armada's commander-in-chief, Kane, and reach level 70. With Queen on the loose, she will probably cause havoc in the Spiral, opening up an entirely new chapter in Pirate101's storyline, which will eventually take us to Polaris.

Housing Improvements
The brand new Castle Magic mechanic stepped it up a notch in the way Wizards will interact with housing from now on! Being able to add subtle, yet magical touches to your houses has definitely improved and changed housing for the better, taking a huge step forward in terms of creativity and quality.

The Gear Vault has also been a wonderful addition to Wizard101 this year, allowing players to store additional items in their homes. 

Hoard Packs
This year has had a plethora of new pack releases! A total of seven game card packs were launched in 2016:
With its amazing sceneries and the appropriate difficulty for higher level Wizards, Mirage shaped up to be one of my favorite worlds. It's been a big jump from Polaris, and I'm loving the fact that the Grandfather Spider arc has become darker than previous ones!

Item Requests
Back in January, KingsIsle started taking housing item requests in Wizard101, which has definitely been a real treat for avid decorators like me, always trying to get fancy furniture.

Seasonal Dungeons
After the Halloween towers, KingsIsle launched a brand new Christmas-themed dungeon based off of Krampus. I love it and hope to see more of these in the near future!

Community Events
I've teamed up with many community leaders and members this year to bring more in-game events, such as our Easter Bunny Run and Halloween Run, the latter being our most successful event to date, with nearly 500 attendances. Other events I've hosted include the NXP/Scrip Event in the Fansite Festival and the Wizard101 1v1 Luau '16 PvP Tournament, having lent a few of my arenas for the matches, and I'll be co-hosting the Santa Run this Saturday.

What were your favorite things in 2016? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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