Wizard101 & Pirate101: What to Expect in 2017

Happy New Year's Eve, my dear Pirate and Wizard friends! May the New Year bring about some great things for you and your family. I hope you all had a great Christmas and year, and are enjoying some time with your family and friends in the Spiral, during the Holidays.

As we bid farewell to yet another thrilling year in Pirate101 and Wizard101, it is time to look forward to what's coming in 2017! Although nothing is set in stone, here are the things I hope to see in both games next year.

  • Empyrea and Cabal Headquarters - with Mirage in the distant horizon, it is still unclear where the next journey will take our Wizards, but I'd say there's a good chance we'll visit Empyrea next, as I theorized in this and this posts, and that the Arcanum Scholars will most likely allow us to get inside the former Cabal headquarters, behind the warded door in the Arcanum.
  • New level 120 gear and dungeons - our Wizards have become less competitive than level 110 Wizards, so it's only fair we get more powerful gear to compensate for the slash in critical and block stats, after we become Champion Wizards. Also, in the newest Producer's Letter, Professor Falmea stated that we "may be inspired to travel the worlds of the Spiral again with renewed purpose", so I'm guessing new dungeons are underway. Personally, I'd love to travel back to Wysteria for a new expansion!

  • Polaris or Darkmoor - after the downfall of the Armada's leader, countless haywire Armada troops went rogue and with Queen on the prowl, there's no telling what she'll be up to next, but with an existing Stormgate to Polaris in the Calabrian Skyway, visiting the frozen world is very likely. Not to mention the pre-existing models of that world would make it easier for the MMO team to release this content, although they would still have to come up with different NPCs, textures and sounds. Darkmoor was also hinted at by Ratbeard, but this one would most likely come at a later time.
  • Item lock and Gear Vault - both of these features already exist in Wizard101, and I'd love to see KingsIsle carry them over to Pirate101. It is long overdue and we really need a way to lock items, so we don't accidentally trash or sell them, and more space to store our gear.

What are your New Year's Resolutions in-game? Is it a particular item that you want? A mount or spell you have been farming for? Helping a friend or family member travel the worlds of the Spiral? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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