Wizard101 Level 118 School Pets

The January episode of KingsIsle Live brought about some great news for Wizard101 and Pirate101, but I will focus on one specifically.

Back in November, a Wizard101 player asked KingsIsle when they would be releasing new school pets, since there were none in the Mirage update. Professor Falmea replied that they are planning on adding new pets really soon, and the very first level 118 pet was then revealed on KingsIsle Live:
  • The Raincore is an adorably cute cloud pet that Diviners will get in a future update.

Yesterday, Community Manager Tom Purdue and Senior Producer Leah Ruben made clear that the next update will be a minor one, so I doubt that these pets will be added then. Still, they decided to unveil yet another new one during the livestream:
  • The Kookaburapictured below, is the forthcoming pet for the Life school.
  • The Ghulture is the new school pet Necromancers will get this year.
  • The Opossum is the upcoming pet for Balance wizards.
  • The Raging Bull is the pet for the Fire school and probably the coolest out of the bunch.
  • The Borealis Golem is the pet Thaumaturges will receive this Spring.
  • The Wandering Eye is the next pet for the Myth school.

Which pet do you want to see next? Do you like the ones revealed so far? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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