Friendship Festival Contests

February is the time of the year when we celebrate friendships in the Spiral! Valentina Heartsong will return to her usual spot in the Wizard City Shopping District, near the fountain, shortly before Valentine's Day. And to start off the Friendship Festival, here are two Wizard101 and Pirate101 contests!

Friendship Spell Contest
Create a Friendship Festival spell that Valentina Heartsong could teach you, using Legends of the Spiral's CardMaker tool to create your spell. It has to represent the essence of friendship somehow and can be anything from a damage spell, charm, enchantment, ward, etc.!

Update: due to Legends of the Spiral's website maintenance, the deadline for this contest has been extended until February 22nd, at 4:00PM CST!

Companion Drawing Contest
Create the perfect companion for the Friendship Festival! What would it look like? Using your creativity, draw this companion in any way you like (it can be digital art, a painting or using a pencil) and give it a name.

Both contests start now!  The Companion Drawing Contest ends on February 18th, at 4:00PM CST, and the Friendship Spell Contest on February 22nd, at 4:00PM CST! All you have to do is send your entry by email to, with the appropriate subject for the contest you are entering (like "Friendship Spell Contest"). You can enter both contests, but only one entry per contest is allowed! Please, include your Wizard's or Pirate's name in the email (such as David SilverHunter).

Each contest will reward six winners in total: 1 Grand Prize, 2 Second Places and 3 Runner-Up prizes. Without further ado, here's the list of prizes for each contest:

Grand Prize (1 winner)
10,000 Non-transferrable Crowns + Lovely Leopard + Bunny Hug

Second Place (2 winners)
5,000 Non-transferrable Crowns + Lovely Ladybug + Huggle Hoggle

Runner-Up Prizes (3 winners)
1,000 Non-transferrable Crowns + Cupig + Friendship Grouper

Entries will be judged on originality and creativity, so have fun and good luck!

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