Pirate101 Test Realm Party

There will be a party in the Pirate101 Test Realm later today! There's nothing to really test in the Test Realm... but the Test Realm itself! Basically, there's a new hardware configuration for the Test Realm, and KingsIsle would like to do a bit of stress testing.

KingsIsle will swing open the doors at 4:00PM CST, and One-Eyed Jack will be dropping turrets in the Skull Island Skyway of the Test Realm. There will also be a limited time code broadcast while in the Test Realm that will only be good for an hour or two; we may even do some Pet Sparring and take a few pictures! You'll have access to the usual 15,000 Crowns of fake Test Realm money, so Pirates can play around with that as well during the party.

Party Details
Who: Everyone who meets the Test Realm qualifications found here;
What: Party in the Test Realm;
Where: Skull Island Skyway to start and then possibly over to Bestia;
Why: Test Realm Hardware Testing and to have a bit of fun at the same time;
When: Thursday (2/23/2017) at 4:00PM US Central.

How's that for a bit of unexpected excitement this week?! Come join in the fun!

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