EverClicker Introduces Guilds

The EverVerse is getting Guilds! KingsIsle is hard at work on a huge update that will allow EverClicker players to chat with one another in-game, as well as work together to complete a repeating weekly challenge for fantastic rewards. The Weekly Guild Challenge feels a bit like a "Guild Time Gate", where all members in the Guild work to earn Guild Points. These Points are tracked on a Guild leaderboard for the entire week. At certain Guild Point thresholds, prizes are unlocked. When the Challenge ends, everyone in the Guild who participated can claim the prizes. See below for full details:

Earning Guild Points
Guild points are earned by completing the activities listed below. When a Time Gate ends, points are applied to the Guild Challenge active in the Leaderboard tab of your Guild Menu.

Guild Points are earned by doing the following:
  • 1 point : Joining a Time Gate;
  • 2 points : Earn MVP for High Score in a Time Gate;
  • 2 points : Earn MVP for Highest Streak in a Time Gate;
  • 5 points : Earn MVP for Final Hit in a Time Gate;
  • 5 points : Be part of a completed 1,000 kills Time Gate;
  • 10 points : Earn a new Star by defeating the Star Devourer.

Note: Points are awarded when a Time Gate ENDS (either by the time expiring or all 1,000 enemies are defeated.)

Time Limit
The Guild Challenge runs for one week before it resets and starts again, so work together with your Guild to score Guild Points in order to reach specific milestones and collect rewards!

Rewards are available when the current Guild Challenge ends. Navigate back to this tab and the rewards will automatically be granted.

BONUS - Want a cool way to show your Guild pride to everyone else in the game? Great! 

Work together and earn the final reward for the challenge to secure a premium special effect that will be displayed on ALL Guild Member Avatars!

This effect is the perfect way to let everyone know your Guild completed the challenge. The effect only lasts for a week, so if you want to keep it, you need to keep earning it!

Premium Avatar
Earning the final reward for a Guild Challenge also grants ONE lucky guild member a PREMIUM AVATAR.

Premium Avatars showcase a particular Hero and have a unique custom frame themed special for them! These will only be available to be earned for a limited time, but will be unlocked permanently once acquired.

Remember: only one random member will earn the Avatar, so make sure to earn the final tier prize every week for the most chances.

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