Empyrea Coming This Fall to Wizard101

KingsIsle revealed a new Wizard101 concept art, confirming that Empyrea is the next world our Wizards will visit!

The first hint of the Fall update was released at the end of August, and we know one of the areas of Empyrea is called Sycorax Jungle. The zone is inhabited by the BeastMen, which you can see animated in Tony Gaddis' (Senior Animator at KingsIsle) guest post on Swordroll's Blog.

From the Batman reference in the new sneak peek, we can assume that Old Cob's last child, The Bat, is hiding in Empyrea.
Will we find answers about Bartleby's illness there?

Hopefully we'll see the Test Realm doors open by the end of the month, or early November! And with that said, how excited are you for Empyrea?

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