KingsIsle Launches Empyrea on Test Realm

The Wizard101 October 2017 update includes the addition of Empyrea Part One, Level 125 increase, new Shadow Magic Spells, Revered Crafting, more Castle Magic spells, Bank Size Increase, New Daily Assignment Quest, Treasure Card Sorting, Realm Locking, and more!
I've summed up the most relevant updates below, and you can see if you qualify for Test Realm here.

The center of the Spiral, Empyrea, was painstakingly created by Raven to keep the Chaos Heart safe and Spider out. The Chaos Heart sits at the center of Empyrea, secured by three great Paradox Chains, and serves as the anchor point to a world comprised of disparate lands, inhabited by diverse beings. Raven enveloped Empyrea in a violent storm, the likes of which even she cannot pass or see through. However, the brilliant minds of the Arcanum have a plan: 
  • Reach Empyrea;
  • Save Mellori;
  • Save the Spiral.

Players who have completed the quest "Lost and Found" at the end of Mirage, and have reached level 120, can go speak to Fitzhume in the Arcanum to get the quest "Baba Boohooie."
For Crowns players, Empyrea Part 1 contains 3 separate Premium Zones, priced at 1995 Crowns each.

Level 125 Increase
New benefits await those who adventure through Part 1 of Empyrea! Characters can now increase their total levels to 125:
  • A Training Point will be awarded at level 125;
  • Be sure to catch Zeke's new hunt for Hootie's Blowfish, and Eloise has a fun quest for you as well! She also has brand new stitching gear;
  • Wizards who are level 121+ will now have a maximum gold allowance of 500,000.
Shadow Magic
Velma Von Venkma's chambers are now open! She will offer Wizards a new quest, which occurs as a part of the main quest line. After completing this quest, she will award you with the new Shadow Trickster spell and offer another new Shadow Magic spell for you to train: Donate Shadow Pip!
She will also offer to train the following spells if you do not have them in your spell book already:
  • Shadow Shrike
  • Shadow Sentinel
  • Shadow Seraph
  • Dark Fiend
  • Dark Nova
  • Dark Shepherd

Revered Crafting
There's an all new rank in Crafting beyond Legendary that will have you scouring the ends of the game to be a Revered Crafter. Librarian Fitzhume will direct you to Ignus to start your new quest. The Revered Crafting quests have new kinds of reagents you'll need to find!
Grady also has the new Wysteria Lore Pack spell recipes for sale, or you could just farm The Loremaster to get them.

More Space
Houses now have an additional 100 Castle Magic slots available to them. In addition, there is now an "Expand Backpack Elixir" available for purchase in the Crown Shop. Players can now buy up to two of these elixirs to increase their backpack size by fifty slots with each purchase. Also, everyone's bank space has been increased from 100 to 150!

New Daily Assignment Quest
With Empyrea comes a new classification of Daily Quests: Heavyweight. Do you have what it takes to be a new Daily Quest contender? To those ends, Aegon Statz also has a new quest to offer players on the twelfth day of Daily Assignments! Make sure to do your daily quests to continue those important pekron investigations.

And there are many more changes and minor updates that need testing! Read the complete list of Update Notes for more.

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