Wizard101 Halloween Run 2017

Our annual Halloween Run is back, and better than ever! For the first time, we'll have activities all day long!

Edward Lifegem has organized another fun community event and invited me to co-host the 2017 edition of the Halloween Run, along with Autumn Dreamwalker, Michael Walker and many other community members, for a memorable day that you are sure to remember.

Saturday, October 28th, 2017

Official Schedule:
11:00 am CST -  Nightmare Before Christmas Run
12:00 pm CST - Dance Party
12:30 pm CST - Favorite Spooky Mount Showoff
1:00 pm CST - YouTube Stream Begins
1:30 pm CST - Raid Wizard City
2:30 pm CST - TBA
3:00 pm CST - Costume Contest
4:00 pm CST - MEGA Twitter Contest
4:30 pm CST - Small Activities/Random Gifting
5:00 pm CST - Halloween Run Countdown
6:00 pm CST - Halloween Run Begins
6:30 pm CST - Group Photo Contest
7:00 pm CST - Afterparty/Random Gifting
Meetup in Nightside
Vampire Realm
Halloween Costumes
Halloween colors

Family-Friendly Event
When large crowds gather, problems tend to arise. To mitigate hostilities and bad behavior from some players, we have asked KingsIsle to help us monitor the Halloween Run, so there will be several Hall Monitors in our midst, in different realms, to ensure the event is fun for everyone and runs as smoothly as possible.

Run Details
We'll run from Nightside to the Haunted Cave, near Nightshade's Tower, in all Free Areas. Shortly after the Run, the portbus wizards will add you and teleport you to the Afterparty Events.


Official Stream

A list of all current contests can be found here, so don't forget to join in and I hope to see you all there!

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