New Make-a-Wish Quest in Wizard101

Last month, we heard about Derrick's visit to KingsIsle through the Make-a-Wish foundation. During his time there, Derrick has worked with KingsIsle on new Wizard101 content.

The brand new quest was released during last night's KI Live episode, and Derrick's character was added into the game, right by the Bazaar.

Wizards of all levels can now visit Derrick Blaze in Olde Town to get the quest "Play It Forward", where you will be urged to help other Wizards through the Team Up Kiosk. The more people you help, the closer you are to unlocking new items that Derrick has for sale, including:
  • Join a Team Kiosk housing item;
  • Blaze's Garnet Cowl;
  • Blaze's Garnet Robe;
  • Blaze's Garnet Boots;
  • Blaze Fox Pet;
  • Sand Swarm Mount.

Note: Every item requires a specific badge to purchase,
so you'll have to help quite a lot of Wizards in order to get them.

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