New Pre-Paid Cards for Wizard101 & Pirate101

On the last episode of KingsIsle Live, we learned that a new type of pre-paid card is beeing marketed and that currently only Kroger stores of the Northern Texas area have them for sale. KingsIsle has listed the stores where these cards are available on their recent blog post.

While we have little information on these pre-paid cards, we do know that Wizards will be granted a new type of pet jewel that, according to KingsIsle, "has two talents and several other items (like an energy elixir and items for Pirate101). This pet jewel also gives your pet an aura. The type of jewel you get will depend on the month of the year in which you redeem it." Similarly, Pirates will receive a new type of totem power that increases the power of your pets in battle. These can be recognized by their new aura in combat! All cards will also come with Crowns, as usual.

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