Wizard101 Accursed Play Gauntlet

The newest Wizard101 game card is available in stores now: the Accursed Play Gauntlet! You can find this all new game card at Wallmart stores across the United States, for $39. For a complete list of stores, click here.

Bundle Overview
  • Theater Gauntlet
  • Stage Ship Mount (2 player)
  • Drama Llama Pet
  • Dramaturgist's Gear
  • Dramaturgist's Wand
  • 1 Month or 5,000 Crowns

Bundle Details
The Theater Gauntlet is a housing item that will take you to the Ravenwood Dramaturgy Club, where you'll compete with MacDeath's specters and phantoms in three different acts, before the last curtain falls. For a complete rundown on what to expect, go to Swordroll's Blog. Are you up to the challenge?

The Stage Ship is a two-passenger mount that grants your Wizard the regular 40% speed boost bonus, perfectly designed to sail away from your foes (or when drama arises!).

The Drama Llama is a funny and slightly dramatic companion to have around. This pet comes with a "Virulent Plague" card at Baby, and the excellent starting pedigree of 71. For a list of its Talents and Derby skills, head over to Petnome Project.

The Dramaturgist's Gear goes up to Level 125, giving great overall stats to your Wizard, and has an incredibly stunning design! The Dramaturgist's Wand grants your Wizard 6% universal pierce100 critical rating, 7% universal damage, 1 power pip, 205 pip conversion rating, a Square jewel socket and Maycast 'Sacrifice' and 'Bad Juju' at Level 120+.

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