Pirate101 Announces Skeleton Key Bosses

Months after the last Pirate101 update, which included auto companion improvements and Ship PvP improvements, the game is finally getting some new content, as revealed in the most recent Producer's Letter!

According to the Letter, here's what you can expect in the next update:
  • Skeleton Keys can be obtained all over the game;
  • This first round of Skeleton Key bosses are all for highest level Pirates;
  • Old Scratch will show you how they work, and he just might surprise you with his new abilities;
  • Four new Skeleton Key bosses in total are added in this update;
  • Some of the rewards are highly requested items;
  • The second round is planned for later this year – this one will be for all levels of Pirates!
We've been waiting for Old Scratch's fourth promotion since December 2014, and it will most likely happen with this update.

Skeleton Key Bosses
Farming bosses in Pirate101 can be somewhat ungrateful and frustrating, sometimes having to fight your way through countless battles in a dungeon, just to get to the boss you are interested in.
Skeleton Keys Bosses offer a faster alternative to hoarding rare loot, although these special foes tend to be quite challenging. Either way, the fact that they drop highly requested items should be motivation enough to face them!

Minor Updates
These minor updates will definitely make your Pirate's life easier:
  • KingsIsle is adding an Expand Backpack Elixir in the Crown Shop, that gives you 40 more inventory slots permanently. Each Pirate can purchase a maximum of two!
  • Free Bank spaces for everyone!
  • Expand Bank Elixir that gives you 40 more inventory slots permanently. Each Pirate can purchase a maximum of two!
  • An Expand Friends List Elixir will be available in the Crown Shop as well. They permanently add 25 friends list slots each, and each Pirate can purchase a maximum of two!
Undiscovered Hybrids
Decius has dropped a new hint for pet morphers and hybrid hunters:
"I am the terror that quacks in the silvery moon light."
All these updates will be talked about during the next KI Live, August 30th, at 4:00pm CST. Don't miss it!

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