Reasons Not to Miss the Next KI Live

If you had plans for this Thursday, August 30th, at 4:00pm Central, you might want to reorganize your schedule so you can watch the next KingsIsle Live!

According to Mathew Anderson, KingsIsle's Senior Community Manager:
"There's going to be a special birthday surprise and walk down memory lane for Wizard101 fans, and a look at some new Pirate101 content. We'll also have a special guest on from Animal Cove to talk about the game's global launch!"
As you know, Wizard101 will be commemorating its big anniversary very soon, after a decade of fun and magical adventures at Ravenwood, for millions of Wizards around the world! And I can't wait to see that special birthday surprise during the livestream.

We'll also get a much-needed sneak peek of new Pirate101 content! For a rundown of the topics that will be discussed during the show, including Skeleton Key bosses, Old Scratch's new abilitiesExpand Backpack Elixir, free Bank space & Expand Bank Elixir, read the August 2018 Producer's Letter. As a reminder, the last update was applied to the game in December 2017, so I'm pretty sure this episode will be worth our while!

Last but not least, a developer from Animal Cove will make an appearance on the show, after the game was launched worldwide on mobile platforms nearly two weeks ago!

You won't miss this one, will you?

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