What We Know About Empyrea Part 2

Vanessa Mythdust has recently interviewed Wizard101's developers Leah Ruben (Professor Falmea) and Sam Johnson (Blind Mew) for MMORPG, where they discussed the game's 10-Year Anniversary and the future of our favorite MMO.

The second half of Empyrea will be the end of this third arc.
Quoting Sam Johnson: "[...] seeing as how it's the end of the arc and the stakes are high, there's still some tension in Empyrea (part) two."

We'll know more about Neumia's inhabitants.
The Nimbari warrior teased during the last KI Live differs from the rest of her kind. According to Leah Ruben: "[...] we mentioned previously that the Nimbari we had seen before were more studious - so she's different."

Expect one of these three things to happen...
In Empyrea Part Two:
  • You fight Old Cob.
  • You fight (Grandmother) Raven.
  • You fight Merle Ambrose.
Of course, considering the arc is coming to a close, fighting Old Cob would be logical... However, I think that is too obvious.

Grandmother Raven has been shady for a while now and her actions are kind of reckless, like when she sent her own child, Mellori, to confront Old Cob at the end of Mirage. What kind of parent would do that? Is Raven really who we think she is? She was most likely Spider's former lover, so an interesting plot twist would be if Old Cob fused with her at the end and we have to face the two Primal Forces at once.

A fourth arc is in the works.
Sam Johnson assures players that "The end of Empyrea Part Two is not remotely the end of the story of Wizard101. There will be a fourth arc..."

How do you think the third arc's finale will unfold? And where in the Spiral do you want the next arc to take us? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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