Wizard101 Decaversary Contest Winners

It has been difficult to narrow the entries down to my Top 4, but congratulations to the Wizard101 Decaversary Contest winners and thank you to all who entered and shared their happiest memories with me!

Grand Prize
Saffron Taleweaver
"I have had so many happy moments on Wizard101 - it is my favourite game - but the one that stood out the most was when I finally reached Commander on my storm, Saffron Taleweaver, with the help of my best friend, Talon Heart!"

First Place
"The reason I chose this memory is because I made this character on stream and had fun with a lot of my followers and friends making this character."

Second Place
Joseph Shadowblood
"Having my first permanent mount: the Panther!"

Third Place
"I drew me training one of my successful pets I've made."

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