Wizard101 Test Realm Opens for Empyrea Part 2

The Wizard101 Test Realm is back online and brings the thrilling conclusion to the 3rd story arc with Empyrea Part 2, level cap raise, new School spells, and so much more! Read the Update Notes for more.

Empyrea Part 2
Bartleby is withering and Mellori the Raven-child struggles to hang on to life. To save them, the Wizard must embrace an ancient destiny, fight the evil schemes of Shadow, and venture to the farthest reaches of Empyrea... and beyond! All the while, the final conflict between Grandmother Raven and Grandfather Spider looms, threatening to destroy all of creation!

Can the remaining two Paradox Chains be saved? Can the Wizard really hope to stand in the way of not one but two cosmic forces? Can Order and Chaos be reconciled? Find out in this exciting conclusion to the Empyrea story and arc 3 of Wizard101! 

Requirements: You need to have completed the "Only Mostly Dead" quest and reach level 125. You will then be eligible to get the quest "Of Note" from Fitzhume, in the Arcanum, to enter Empyrea Part 2.

Updates include...
  • Level cap increased to 130;
  • Gold cap increased to 525,000;
  • New level 130 henchmen;
  • New level 125 jewels for socketing;
  • New level 130 PvP gear and other powerful equipment to obtain;
  • New PvE gear and weapons to obtain;
  • New pets to obtain from wandering bosses.
Tree-themed ranked spells
This time around, you do not speak to a trainer to learn your new spell! You earn it during the quest "Finally Growing Into It." There isn't a specific level requirement on this quest, but you must be level 125 to start the quest chain that leads you here. 

Credits to Cody Raventamer

New minigame in Empyrea
The Whirlyburly kiosk is located in Velo City and anyone that can access the zone has access to the game. There are instructions on the kiosk if you want to get started early. The quest that introduces you to Whirlyburly is called "When the Whirlyburly's Done."

Whirlyburly vendors will have rewards to purchase once you have won enough matches!

Other Updates

  • New crafting recipes located in Nimbus Citadel;
  • New housing items, equipment, accessories, and weapons to craft;
  • A special vendor will be selling a reagent that drops from the final boss in Test Realm only. This NPC will be removed before test server ends;
  • New quests are available when you make it to Day 12 of your Daily Assignment rewards;
  • New Photomancy decals and quests;
  • Talk to Annie Shutterbug to get the Photomancy quest "Spiral Photographic." There is no level requirement, only that you have completed the previous Photomancy quest;
  • Misc. performance improvements and bug fixes!

What do you think of Empyrea Part 2?

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