Wizard101 Aero Plains Bundle

To promote the launch of Empyrea Part 2 earlier this month, a brand new Wizard101 game card is available in stores now: the Aero Plains Bundle! You can find this all-new game card at GameStop stores across the United States, for $39, or get your copy online through the GameStop website (be aware that this link may not be accessible outside the United States).

Bundle Overview
  • Aero Village Castle + Additional Castle Elixir
  • Blue Ox Mount
  • Squirreligig Pet
  • Dwarven Aero Attire
  • Aerocannon Wand
  • 1 Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns

Bundle Details
The Aero Village is a humongous and imposing Dwarf property that you can now call your home! Upong teleporting to this new house, the most striking characteristics you'll notice right away is how gorgeous and big the place is. Trust me, you'll eventually get lost! The entrance has a pond, where you can Fish. You'll get daily rewards by interacting with the hidden Wind Turbine. And just like previous bundles, this one comes with a private Arena that is accessible through the waterfall.

If you've been questing in Empyrea Part 2, you're pretty much familiar with the Blue Ox Mount, which grants your Wizard the usual 40% speed boost.

The Squirreligig Pet is a cute, flying squirrel that will follow you around, wherever you go! It gives an "Unstoppable" card at Baby, and has a starting pedigree of 71. Just like most Crowns-only pets, it cannot be offered for Hatchmaking.

I'm not too fond of the Dwarven Aero Attire, that goes up to Level 130. The design is nice, but the stats aren't particularly good and a bit of a let down, honestly.

While not spectacular either, the Aerocannon Wand grants your Wizard 5% universal pierce85 critical rating, 13% universal damage, 1 power pip, 225 pip conversion rating, two Square jewel sockets, 6 'Ultra Shadowstrike' cards and Maycast 'Mana Burn' at Level 130+, which might come in handy to stall your opponents in battle.

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