Pirate101 Holiday Contest

The Holiday season is all about giving back to those who mean a lot to us, and you surely do mean a lot to me. That's why I've decided to host an easy contest for everyone to participate, and requested special prizes for the winners that were generously supplied by KingsIsle.

Contest Rules
Take a screenshot in Pirate101 that best depicts your Holiday spirit in the game! Send no more than one screenshot to frostcallerfan@gmail.com, with the title "Holiday Contest", along with your Pirate's name (such as David Everhart) by December 13th, at 4:00PM CST. Winners will be announced on December 14th!

Grand Prize
Fair Mason Mickleson
10,000 Crowns + 1 Random Hoard Pack Companion

First Place
Beatriz DeClark
5,000 Crowns + 1 Spirits of Yuletide Set

Second Place
Chrissy The Blesser
5,000 Crowns + Wolf of the Winter mount (perm)

2 Honorable Mentions
2,500 Crowns

Quiet Keena Davis
2,500 Crowns

Got any question about this contest? Leave a comment below and I'll reply as soon as possible! Happy Holidays, have fun and good luck to all!

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