Wizard101 Fantastic Fairytale Bundle

A brand new Wizard101 game card is available in stores now: the Fantastic Fairytale Bundle! You can find this all-new game card at GameStop stores across the United States, for $39, or get your copy online through the GameStop website.

Bundle Overview
  • Everafter Village House + 1 Castle Elixir
  • Pumpkin Carriage Mount (4-Player)
  • Noble Toad Pet
  • Monarch's Attire
  • Poison Apple Weapon
  • 1 Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns

Bundle Details
The Everafter Village is filled with houses from fairy tale stories and there's plenty of space to decorate and plant your next garden! You'll notice several ponds around the village, where Fishing is allowed. Might there be new Fish to catch? You'll get daily rewards by visiting the mystical Wishing Well. And just like previous bundles, you'll have your very own PvP duel circle!

The Pumpkin Carriage Mount will boost your travel speed by 40%, and can carry up to three of your friends!

The Noble Toad Pet gives you a "Snow Drift" card at Baby, and has a starting pedigree of 72. Just like most Crowns-only pets, this little amphibian cannot be offered for Hatchmaking!

The Monarch's Attire goes up to Level 130 and will grant your Wizard very nice stats all-around, especially the Monarch's Regalia, which would work well on your healing characters.

The Poison Apple Weapon grants your Wizard 125 critical rating, 125 block rating12% universal damage, 1 power pip, 225 pip conversion rating, two Square jewel sockets, 6 'Ultra Shadowstrike' cards and Maycast 'Sleeping Toxin' (which is similar to Poison, but with an additional stun) at Level 130+.

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