Wizard101 Undersea Enchantment Bundle

The newest Wizard101 game card, the Undersea Enchantment Bundle, is available in stores now! You can get this all-new bundle at GameStop stores across the United States, for $39.

Bundle Overview

  • Briny Deep Retreat
  • Dolphin Chariot Mount
  • Sea Courser Pet
  • Briny Deep Gear
  • Armaments of the Briny Deep
  • 1 Month Membership or 5,000 Crowns

Bundle Details

The Briny Deep Retreat is one of the largest homes, with so many areas to explore! Near the Spiral Door, you'll find a Pearl Clam that you can interact with for daily rewards. Right in front of the main entrance to the house, you'll find your very own PvP Arena. This is the perfect place to host parties with your friends and the rest of the community!

While the Dolphin Chariot doesn't offer anything other than the usual 40% speed boost, it is a great two-person mount that you'll definitely want to have in your collection! It looks fantastic and who doesn't like dolphins?

The Sea Courser is one of the most visually stunning pets in the game, and I love everything about it! It gives your Wizard one "Fire Dragon" card at Baby, with a starting pedigree of 70. Just like most Crowns-only pets, it cannot be offered for Hatchmaking!

The Briny Deep Gear looks good, although I'm not a big fan of the hat aesthetically. However, it is great in offensive set-ups, giving your Wizard a considerable boost in damage and critical rating. The robe and boots are particularly worth it: the former is a good consideration in any defensive set-up and the latter is very versatile, working well with pretty much anything.

The Armaments of the Briny Deep grants your Wizard 6% universal pierce75 critical rating, 10% universal damage, 1 power pip, 235 pip conversion rating, two Square jewel sockets, 6 'Ultra Shadowstrike' cards and Maycast 'Tempest' at Level 130+.

All things considered, this is undoubtedly my favorite and probably the best bundle ever produced by KingsIsle!

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