Wizard101 Spring 2020 Update Teasers

The weather in the Spiral is warming up and Spring has brought some new, exciting content that's just around the corner! I've compiled some of the things you can expect from this update.

New Pet Stat & Event
The Spring Update introduces a brand new pet stat: "Happiness". Feed your pet to boost its "Happiness". When your pet reaches a certain level of "Happiness", it allows you to do certain things, like play and quest as your pet. With this new stat, pets can also fetch nearby items, like chests and reagents. You have to keep feeding your pet to maintain this stat.

Also, the latest KingsIsle Live unveiled that an entirely new Pet-related event, Pet Promenade, will be coming once a month when this update goes live. It's similar to Spiral Showcase, but pet-themed.

"Will Cast" Pet Talents
Swordroll revealed that a new type of talent is coming: "Will Cast". Unlike "May Cast", there seems to be more control over the activation of "Will Cast" talents during battle, although not all of them will be battle-oriented. The cool thing is that your pets can down deal damage as well. To find out more about this new content, head over to Swordroll's Blog.

Pet Mastery
With this new system, when you play a pet game and win 25 times (Tier 1), you won't have to play it again if you don't want to. You can simply press a button to skip the game and win instantly, making it faster than ever before to train your pet. There are many tiers to unlock, and every game has its own benefits. Some games are already being tracked, so you might login to find out you already have mastery over certain games.

Gear Set Bonuses
The Spring update will introduce stat bonuses to some gear sets we have in the game, and more coming in the future. When you equip more than one piece from the same set, you will get bonus stats! To find out more about this, read Final Bastion's post.

New Beastmoon Maps & Matchmaking Changes
AwesomeTheSauce has revealed on his Youtube channel that two new Beastmoon maps are coming: Aquila and Celestia!

In this update, the Beastmoon matchmaking algorithm has been revamped and polished, allowing you to team-up with friends and separating players based on their levels and wins.

New Skeleton Key Boss
A new monster is waiting to break free in the depths of the Wizard City Catacombs! If you possess a Gold Skeleton Key, you can enter the Fathomless Tomb and challenge the nefarious Fellspawn! Read more about this boss at MMORPG.

Khrysalis Fishing
Legends of the Spiral teased that Fishing is coming to Khrysalis this Spring, and I hope we'll get some new Fishing spells, too! See the list of all the Fish you can catch here.

Advanced Move for Castle Decorators
This update brings some advanced placement options, which makes it easier for Wizards to place objects without resorting to glitching in their homes.

Item User Interface Revamp
New tabs will give your gear interface a cleaner look, without having to clip through the top or bottom, and a new comparison feature will allow you to see stat differences easily.

First Time User Experience
Improvements are being extended to Olde Town and Triton Avenue for new players coming into the game.


Last but certainly not least, with everything that's happening in the world, I hope you and your family are all staying at home, safe and healthy.

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